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To use the Synchronicity Network and automate receiving IBA Network spots from AdLarge and other programming, your station will first need to create an account and sign in. There is a small piece of software to install as well, but we'll get to that later. If this station already has a Synchronicity account, or you know that a different station in the same building is already receiving content through Synchronicity's Synchronizer software, we can usually add subscriptions to IBA content onto that existing account. If you believe that there is an existing account, click here, otherwise please continue with this form.

Becoming part of the Synchronicity network is free of charge to all stations, and station groups; Synchronicity invoices the syndicator/ad agency for the delivery of content to your market and does not charge the affiliate anything. Additional services can be negotiated, typically for barter or IBA discounted fees.

To create the new account we will use the station call letters and band designation. The call letters become the station's username. (Sure, you might want to get an account for yourself, but the account you are creating now is for the station itself.) We use the station call letters as our primary way of identifying an account. City/state/market and tagline/frequency are not used in our system to identify stations. If you have any issues when following these instructions, please contact us on the Synchronicity IBA support line: 800-347-0141
Please enter your station information and let's get started!


Audio files will be delivered to the station through an app which runs on a Windows PC or Server. The app delivers those audio files in the format best suited for the station's automation system. Please choose the proper audio file format for the station from this list of automation systems:

Next, an account manager or Support Technician working for Synchronicity may need to contact you or a representative of the station to complete the set up, troubleshoot issues, or support the delivery of content to the station in the future. We would never sell or use your personal info without your permission, but we ask that you supply two email addresses, along with the full name and phone number, if possible. Ideally, the points of contact for the station should be well monitored organization addresses, not necessarily individual's accounts.

Finally, you need to set a password for the account. You know the drill: type it in twice to make sure that you got it right!

Now, hit the REGISTER button, and we'll synchronize our watches, then set up the account and the account's content subscriptions. Next, we will get you installed on the network.

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