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Synchronicity provides an array of cloud-based software and hardware products and services to the radio broadcast industry.

  • Synchronicity systems replace outmoded Satellite and FTP platforms to deliver everything from commercials to live programming to 24-hour formats within a secure, automated, hands-off system.
  • CUT costs
  • Eliminate human error
  • Increase Revenue
  • INSTANT accountability – REAL TIME affidavits and metrics!
  • Secure automated asset management from any device or location

How It Works

Direct-to-Air with no hardware. As quickly as two minutes, studio-to-air!

  • Our locally-installed SyncApp converts original audio to studio-quality SyncHD, and then instantly uploads files to Synchronicity directly from the production studio or remote voice talent.
  • Insertion orders are processed as they are received from ad agencies
  • Music and traffic log changes are auto-merged in Synchronicity, and then injected directly into station automation
  • Program elements are pulled down individually to each affiliate, and are custom formatted and directly injected into the automation system
  • Real-time confirmation of air play and affidavits are available the next morning

Live with no satellites
SyncHD multi-channel playout devices are deployed in radio stations where there is a requirement for live program transmission. SyncHD Receivers connect to the Synchronicity platform to create a live program distribution network with capabilities that far exceed the most sophisticated satellite platforms.

  • Simultaneous live studio quality (20-20Khz) stereo feeds
  • All IP-based, 24/7-managed network "platform as a service" with support dashboards continuously displaying operational status of every receiver
  • Receivers integrate with any existing automation system
  • "Always on," non-linear program management means any content can be routed and played out at any affiliate instantaneously
  • Create or tear down special purpose ad-hoc networks in minutes
  • Pause live programming to do "breaking news" or disaster awareness interruptions, and then seamlessly resume


Direct to Air Production Workflow
Syndicators -Direct to Air makes just-in-time programming practical and reliable.

  • Music and voice tracks are never pre-combined. Be more spontaneous and creative and make last minute emergency changes, even while a show is playing out.
  • Short form to 24-hour formats, all your programming airs on every affiliate precisely how you want it to. Split copy spot insertions in-show or ROS are also totally automatic.
Ad agencies - our automated, real-time workflow gives your creative and traffic departments comprehensive, minute-by-minute control over every insertion in every station on a buy.
  • Spots and insertion orders are automatically uploaded, processed, and confirmed in seconds, and can be playing on any station in fewer than 10 minutes. SOX-compliant affidavits are available overnight.
New - Live Reads are now included in our real-time workflow. Easy to create Local or imported national scripts are in front of talent in minutes. Now, when your script is read on air (or when it isn’t!), you have instant SOX compliant reporting at your fingertips.

Station Services

  • Our automated, real-time Direct to Air Production Workflow gives station operators a single, unified method to control all production and playout processes, which eliminates manual, error-prone, repetitive, time-wasting tasks. Synchronicity automates the whole process, and brings all the local and national programming and spots together for real-time playout.

SyncPlay1 Automation System
Our totally-new automation system is absolutely the most advanced playout automation application suite available, including live logs and native remote functionality.

  • Totally integrated with Synchronicity for instant updating of all media with truly live-log that seamlessly rebuilds in seconds
  • Voice tracking from anywhere anytime
  • Sync-network distributed remote management access (not web pages or TeamViewer)
  • Synchronized continuous full system backups on our servers included
  • Seamlessly switch into any of our live stereo network feeds (talk or sports – no satellite receiver needed).
Contact us for a tour of our cutting edge playout solution.


From comedy to classic rock, country to oldies, 24-hour radio formats are available delivered on the Synchronicity system. You will always have the highest quality audio and 100% uptime with no hardware costs and no hassles.

  • Flawless delivery from Synchronicity. No streaming, no service outages, no worries.
  • No new hardware required! Continually keep costs down and increase station profits. We totally integrate format programming with your own automation system.
  • Highest quality audio available. With all music delivered in Synchronicity's proprietary SHD format, you receive WAV-quality audio.
  • State of the art flexibility. Want to use your own morning show? No problem!
  • Log merges are automatic so you can update any daypart in minutes.
  • Hassle-free conversion. Install is quick and painless, and our tech support staff has you covered.


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