Sync Live Reads

Sync Live Reads (SLR) is a complete end to end solution that converts everything read on the air from paper to paperless. The SLR platform streamlines the entire process, making your Traffic and Continuity teams operate more efficiently.

SLR is a complete on-screen production platform. Your Traffic Department can input scripts for the Announcers and Reporters to read.

After reading, they can confirm everything with one click which sends an automatic digital time stamp to the Continuity Dept and includes a complete reconciliation for billing.

Sync Live Read Features
  • Paper to Paperless

    All scripted copy is now 100% on-screen. This means no more lost scripts, no more binders, no more manual time stamps and signatures to mark as read.

  • Improved Compliance Boosts Revenue

    Estimates indicate that Radio loses tens of millions of dollars each year from scheduling errors. This includes missed spots, incorrect copy, and out of daypart airings, all of which advertisers expect credits from. SLR brings a higher level of compliance, ensuring advertisers get their schedules cleared as ordered and stations get more of the money for which they negotiated.

  • Digital Audit Trail for Instant Reconciliation

    All actions are individually recorded with unique identifiers, and once confirmed, are sent automatically to the designated scheduling interface for immediate post reconciliation.

  • Weather Triggered Automatic Copy Changes

    Geo-located weather data (based on zip codes) can automatically select weather-specific copy that is updated every 15 minutes. Great for theme parks, auto parts suppliers, thermostat products, car dealerships, and business that promotes a product or service affected by the weather.

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