The Most Flexible, Full-Featured Automation System Available Anywhere

  • Lowest total cost of ownership
  • No hardware to purchase
  • Seamless conversion from existing automation
  • Easy to learn and use
  • The World’s simplest radio automation system

Take full advantage of the FCC’s elimination of the main studio rule. Your Sync Harmony system can be located at the transmitter and operated completely by remote control.

No months of waiting to get installed. We can have you completely set up and installed quickly.

Harmony 1U Rack with User Interface
Sync Harmony Suite Features
  • No Hardware to Purchase

    We supply a 1RU, custom-built PC that is truly plug-and-play. We configure and test your system at the factory so when it arrives you just supply power and internet and connect the audio and you’re on-the-air.

  • Easy Conversion

    We make it easy to switch to Harmony from whichever system you are now using. Our support team does the work, and you don’t have the expense and inconvenience of on-site installers and trainers.

  • Always Up to Date

    Our SaaS platform means that you will always have the latest software version, nothing to download, it’s all automatic.

  • Seamless Import

    To bring FTP media files with odd names and embedded dates into the system, you supply your cart numbers, and Harmony takes care of the rest.

  • Automatic Over-Sweep

    Schedule dry voice tracks and Harmony will place the dry track over the intro of the next song and post it perfectly every time.

  • Live Log

    No more merging! Harmony automatically detects new logs and brings in the changes with no human intervention.

  • Multiple Traffic Logs

    Automatically import local, Network, and programmatic traffic logs separately in real-time.

  • Real-Time Programmatic Ready

    Live, instantaneous insertion of programmatic ads directly from agencies without needing to schedule them.

  • We've Got Your Back

    Harmony monitors all of its functions 24/7 and let’s you know as soon as an error is detected so you can fix problems before they become catastrophes.

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