SyncDirect provides direct-to-air program and commercial distribution. It’s a comprehensive, fully automated, real-time distribution solution for all pre-produced programming.

SyncDirect gives program producers at radio networks and syndicators precise, event-by-event control over program playout customized for each affiliate.

SyncDirect makes “just in time programming” practical and reliable. Music and voice tracks can be separate elements, so shows can be more spontaneous, and allows for last-minute emergency changes, even while a show is playing out.

Short or long form, all your programming airs on every affiliate precisely how you want it to. Split copy spot insertions in-show or ROS are also totally automatic.

Synchronicity is accessible any time from anywhere. Logs, traffic insertions, and program elements are automatically uploaded and processed in seconds, so program and spot changes can be playing on any station in fewer than 10 minutes.

SyncDirect Features
  • SyncHD Audio Quality

    All audio files convert to studio quality SyncHD, and upload directly from the production studio or remote voice talent. Your programming sounds better. Our SyncHD audio format delivers the highest audio quality possible. NO MORE MP3s.

  • Simplicity

    All program elements are pulled down individually to each affiliate, custom formatted, split copy enabled, and then directly injected into the automation system. You get a reliable, end-to-end, completely automated workflow.

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