Synchronicity deploys its SyncRCVR units to radio stations where there is a requirement for live program broadcast and 24hr format playout. Can be used by a station group looking to simulcast/syndicate a popular personality to other stations in delayed or real time broadcast. Also, ideal for a radio network distributing short or long-form programming in real time.

SyncRCVRs are multi-channel playout devices that connect to the SyncDirect cloud-based platform, facilitating a live program distribution network with capabilities that far exceed the existing satellite platforms.

SyncRCVR Setup
SyncRCVRs have been pre-configured by the Synchronicity team for true plug-and-play setup.

Just like all Synchronicity services, the SyncRCVR and live programming network are fully managed 24/7 by the Synchronicity support team, and after set up, never require local station servicing.

After the power, network, and audio outputs are connected (see illustration), the SyncRCVR will automatically appear on the Synchronicity management dashboard and be ready for the final setup and testing.

  1. Plug the power cord into here.
  2. Video will be best quality out of the HDMI, but the DVI port can also be used.
  3. Network can plug into either Network port.
  4. Use the provided connector to plug into the audio card. The connector is shaped so it can only go in one way. Channel numbers are marked on the audio cable.
SyncRCVR Features
  • 100% Compatible

    Playout integrates with any automation system to facilitate floating breaks and eliminate net-que trigger errors.

  • Multiple Outputs

    Configurable to provide multiple, simultaneous live studio quality (20-20Khz) analog or digital stereo or a mix of mono outputs.

  • Sync HD Superior Audio Quality

    Audio quality is sent in a lossless, stereo signal that provides a crisper, cleaner, full range sound.

  • Hands Off

    The SyncRCVR provides a fully managed playout system with a true plug-and-play setup that requires no manual intervention.

  • Dynamic Mixes

    Dynamically mixes multiple tracks of live and pre-recorded elements to create programming totally customized to individual affiliates.

  • Quick Replacement

    Pre-recorded (non-live) audio elements can be replaced up to 90 sec. before playout.

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